Vulcan Works Incorporated - known in the civilian market and primarily referred to by the simple brandname, Vulcan - is the largest private corporation in the Directorate, and the only non-State Asset that contributes significantly to the Directorate Military.

Vulcan Military FabricEdit

The majority of the corporation's wealth comes from production of vehicles and equipment for the Directorate Military. Vulcan Works Incorporated maintains a massive production complex called the Vulcan Military Fabric on Kaliban III, the Directorate's oldest shipyard world. Here, Vulcan produces a wide variety of military assets - some of them, such as the P-250 Type-25 Personal Defense Weapon, being its own designs and others, like the AMX-400 Brucus, being simply produced under contract. Many essential components of various systems are produced by Vulcan at the Military Fabric, although the Directorate government maintains a strict monopoly on the production of most complex electronics hardware and artificial intelligences. Components of everything from powered exoskeletons to ion jet engines to starship-grade fuel cells and fusion reactors are produced by Vulcan. In particular, the company is the sole supplier of the massive single-chamber fusion reactors powering the Navy's Frigates and Destroyers.


Vulcan's civilian market products are simply branded "Vulcan". The company is especially famous for its sporty automobiles, which are designed to appeal to middle and upper level incomes, but it also supplies larger cargo hauling trucks and a variety of other products. The company specializes in machinery; however, it has been expanding into the electronics market in recent years.