"Let the A.I. control your hands and you'll never miss. You can't afford to." - Anonymous Directorate Serviceman

The P-445 Type-11 Magnetohydrodynamic Rifle is a Directorate squad-level specialist weapon, used as a combination designated marksman rifle and anti-tank weapon by each infantry squad alongside the 305-16 ASW. The weapon draws its lineage from the heavy anti-tank rifles of the early 20th century as well as the 21st century anti-materiel rifle (most famously the 0.50-calibre Barrett M82 sniper rifle). However, the 445-11 MHDR is considerably more compact than these rifles, being little more cumbersome than the standard P-220 infantry firearm.

Firing MechanismEdit

The P-445 is a single-shot, pump-action, high-powered precision rifle with a calibre of 23mm. Unlike most other Directorate hand-held firearms, it is a true railgun, rather than a coil-gun, which imparts its ammunition with incredible stopping power. The weapon is loaded from cylindrical magazines that are fitted into the underside of the weapon, in front of the trigger. Each clip contains one slug with a power cell storing the considerable energy necessary to fire it. Upon inserting a magazine, the user must rack the shotgun-like pump to charge the rifle's capacitors. Upon firing, the round - a solid, tubular slug of tungsten-carbide - is subjected to intense electromagnetic forces which convert it into a long, thin "lance" of highly concentrated molten metal and plasma, in a manner similar to an old-fashioned HEAT projectile. This gives the weapon prodigious armor-penetration capabilities, and it is virtually guarenteed to slay any enemy infantryman it hits - energy screens, power armor and all. After firing, the spent magazine is automatically ejected, and a fresh round is passed forward to the gunner from a backpack-mounted storage unit by an integral robotic armature.