"Automatic fire's a little slow but the bullets pack a horrible punch. A couple shots will down a drone, takes a few more for an enemy soldier in armor with screens. One shot turns an unprotected bystander into scattered pieces of meat." - Anonymous Directorate Serviceman

The P-220 Type-13 [often shortened to P-220-13 or 22-13] is the Directorate military's standard hand-held firearm, issued as a rifle across all branches of service (often in its carbine form, the P-225 Type-14). 


The P-220 is a large battle rifle, intended primarily for use by troops equipped with powered exoskeleton suits. It is a selective-fire induction coil gun [magnetic accelerator] firing 12mm self-propelled ammunition with integral hydrogen-fueled jet engines - essentially small missiles - and is capable of semi-automatic, 3-round burst and two different rates of automatic fire. The weapon is fed by large rectangular box magazines holding 24 rounds of ammunition in a 3x8 arrangement. Although the weapon is extremely long and bulky, its induction coil firing mechanism has no recoil; thus, although cumbersome, it may be utilized by personnel without exoskeletons. Ammunition takes the form of 12mm projectiles called bolts, encased in airless vacuum-sealed polymer sleeves. Upon firing, the jacket is flash-vaporized and turned into plasma while the bolt is accelerated to hypersonic speeds, creating considerable muzzle flash and a report which is highly detrimental to unprotected hearing. 

Combat Interface and UseEdit

Each P-220 contains an integral computer and fuel-cell to power its considerable electronic systems. The weapon is designed to interface with the firer's powered exoskeleton, though its display system uses a mixture of the power armor's HUD and visual holographic panels to ensure that even an unarmored user has access to the basic information. An optical [holographic] display panel is projected to the left of the rifle, providing things such as an ammunition count, though most of the information is replicated on the HUD of a soldier's powered armor. The rifle also uses a non-visible infrared laser to "paint" the target, which takes the form of a compound reticle on the firer's HUD that indicates the flight path of the bullet as it is fired, among other things. The rifle is also automatically aimed by the A.I. in the soldier's armor, effectively compensating for human error and making its fire extremely accurate. Due to the hypervelocity nature of the ammunition, the target rarely has any time to move out of the way of the bullets, meaning the P-220 Rifle essentially never misses.

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