The Imperial Language term Elänentameran - translating, more or less, as 'way of life' - is the collective organized body of martial arts thought within the Empire. It is an extrapolation of Imperial religious and philosophical fundamentals into a particular framework and basis which is then applied across a broad spectrum - a single, unified 'school of schools' that incorporates all manner of different martial arts under a single umbrella of thought and principle.

As such, the different 'Methods' of Elänentameran are each a Martial Art unto themselves, applications of a unified theory to different types of combat. Thus, it includes systems for everything from traditional hand-to-hand combat and boxing to fencing and military unarmed combat techniques. 

All expressions of Elänentameran, however, use a single form or school - called the 'Centered Method' - as their basis. This is a purely 'Internal' art, being similar to our world's T'ai Chi and Yoga in much of its practices. Its purpose is in improving the practitioner's mental and physical health. Through its techniques, one develops a calm, peaceful & aware mind that is fully 'in touch' with external reality, controls both outward and inward disposition through mastery of emotions as well as maximizes the condition of the physical self. 

In Imperial SocietyEdit

All Imperial citizens, unless otherwise physically or mentally handicapped, are taught elänentameran in school. All those eligable for conscription are required to attend weekly practices and maintain the basic tennants in their lifestyle (meditation, exercise, proper diet, etc). Those who fail to do so risk dishonorable discharge, a sentence tantamount to being ostracised from society. The vast majority of Imperial citizens, eligable for military service or otherwise, are to some degree proficient in its techniques and practice it to various degrees. It is a major element of community and healthy living in the Empire, similar to sports and other athletic activities in a real-world western society. Professional sparring competitions are held regularly in stadiums and other venues, attended by tens- and even hundreds-of-thousands of people.

The 12 TenetsEdit

- To live is a gift; respect life, live well

- Submit to your betters; serve your masters

- Be at peace with yourself; be at peace with your brother [fellow Imperial citizens]

- Strength of body comes from strength of mind

- A peaceful mind is a strong mind; an open mind is a healthy mind

- To die in service to one's self is to die in vain; to die in service to others is to live

- Honor comes from action; identity comes from honor

- An honorable life is eternal; a dishonorable life is a waste

- Death is illusory; conquer it

- Hate is illusory; destroy it

- Pain is illusory; overcome it

- Fear is illusory; purge it