Curta Mechanical Calculator Type I With Case Curt Herzstark Contina AG Mauren

The advanced Curta Calculator, almost identical to the common Imperial calculator

The Empire possesses extremely advanced machining technologies relative to other nations as well as a knowledge of Maths and Sciences which is essentially as developed as our own modern world. While electronic calculators have displaced analogue ones in our own time, this is not the case for the Empire. Even so, their advanced machines, clockwork mechanisms using extremely small, precise and complicated arrangements of moving parts, offer a similar level of precision - although they require considerably more skill and lengthy instruction to operate. Being made largely of extremely strong, flexible and lightweight steel, they are also exceptionally durable, well-suited to the rigors of the battlefield and industrialized labor.

Although complicated in precision and complexity of construction, mechanical calculators are very commonplace devices in the Empire, thanks to the advanced nature of its manufacturing base and education system. Operation of these devices is not a simple matter, and forms an important part of every Imperial child's schooling. Although the Empire possesses extremely intricate tabulation machines and even full Turing complete mechanical computers, it is these small cylindrical crank-operated devices which drive the Empire's advanced society and technology.



The Curta's intricate interior

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