Grunwald Aeronautics C-150 Mammoth - Yukon Territory, Alaska Campaign, 1958

Grunwald Aeronautics, which essentially has a monopoly on large American aircraft, developed the 'Mammoth' as an inter-continental transport aircraft to link the United States's far-flung overseas territories together following the American acquisition of much of the British Empire in the 1945 Treaty of Stockholm. 


The Mammoth is the world's highest capacity transport aircraft, able to carry some 80,000 kg of cargo - about twice that of the C-141 Atlas - and even more if necessary. Powered by six massive 5,000 hp R-4830-E "Wasp Major II" radial engines and having four rocket motors to assist in takeoff, the Mammoth is widely regarded as the transport equivalent of the B-36 Peacemaker bomber. This unique propulsion arrangement, shared with the aformentioned bomber, has lead to the remark "Six turnin', four burnin'" to indicate successful takeoff. Unlike the C-141 and C-134, however, the C-150 is unarmed; the entire aircraft is devoted to transporting as much cargo as possible. C-150s are capable of flying extremely high, outside the effective range of most all anti-aircraft artillery, and as such can be used to approach heavily defended positions, descend under fire and deploy entire companies of paratroopers from their gargantuan rear loading ramps. This is, of course, a highly risky practice, while the loss of even a single one of these huge planes is a strategic blow to the U.S. military. The ability to carry armored fighting vehicles - an entire platoon of M77 half-tracks or M113 APCs, even two M60 battle tanks or M65 assault guns - grants the Army a kind of global operational / strategic mobility and flexibility previously limited to transport ships.

"The Sacred Cow"Edit

"The Sacred Cow" is the nickname universally applied to the modified C-150 Mammoth used by the President of the United States, officially designated "Columbia One". This aircraft is converted into a sort of flying office for the Commander-in-Chief with posh, very comfortable decorum - facing pairs of eats separated by real hardwood tables, plush carpeting, dividers for privacy, even a small kitchen facility and a private sleeping quarters for the President. The "Sacred Cow" is also heavily armed with weapon systems taken from the B-50J: seven radar-controlled, remote-operated dual 20mm cannon turrets, four dorsal and three ventral, plus similarly-automated quad 20mm emplacements in the tail and in a chin mount. "Columbia One" never operates without the company of an entire elite Fighter Group that is administered as part of the Presidential Escort Corps, a uniformed regular military force with the mission of protecting the President and other important government officials (a sort of Praetorian Guard unit). Pilots for the "Escort Fighter Group", called the "President's Aces" (or more recently, "Charlotte's Angels") are rotated in and out of frontline combat units on temporary assignment, picked individually for their personal skill, bravery and political reliability.