Characters marked with a '^'  are fictional

United States of America (USA)Edit

  • ^Johnathan Preston Alexander - Major, United States Army; Commander, I. Battalion, 11th 'Thunderbolt' Armored Division
  • Omar Nelson Bradley - General of the Armies, United States Army; Chief-of-Staff, United States Army
  • ^Geoff Calvin - Captain, United States Army; Officer, OAI (Office of Army Intelligence)
  • ^Charlotte Jane Clariston - 33rd President of the United States (Incumbent)
  • Mark Wayne Clark - General, United States Army; Commander, Army of Northern Virginia
  • ^Daniel Joseph Forrester - Corporal, United States Army; A Company, II. Battalion, 21st Infantry Division
  • ^Vivian Elisabeth Joanne Grunwald - CEO & President, Gunwald Aeornautics
  • ^Neil Harrison Jacobs - Private, United States Army; B Company, III. Battalion, 21st Infantry Division (Jacobs is a deserter and currently fights as a guerilla alongside Russian partisans behind American lines)
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 34th Vice President of the United States (Incumbent)
  • ^Louis "Limey" Horatio Picton - 1st Lieutenant, United States Army; Field Surgeon, 5th MASH, 44th Medical Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia (Picton is British-American and an immigrant)

Russian EmpireEdit

  • ^Pytor Petrovich Dorokhov - Regimental Commissar, 116th Rifle Regiment, 37th Motor-Rifle Division, Imperial Russian Army
  • ^Konstantin Vladimirovich Koverchenko - Private First Class [PFC], 116th Rifle Regiment, 37th Motor-Rifle Division, Imperial Russian Army
  • Georgy Mikhailovich Romanov - Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias (16th Emperor of the Russian Empire, often [incorrectly] called the 'Tsar')

Empire of JapanEdit

  • Hirohito - Emperor of the Empire of Japan (note that he is never referred to as 'Hirohito' by his subjects, but simply as 'the Emperor', and the name of his reign is the 'Showa Era'. Thus he will be called the 'Showa Emperor' upon his death).
  • ^Hiro Yamada - Chief-of-Staff to Ambassador Yamamoto, does most of his meetings in his stead due to Yamamoto's advanced age & health
  • Isoroku Yamamoto - Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy [Retired], Imperial Ambassador to the United States

Canada (U.S.-occupied)Edit

  • ^Blake Louis McDonald - Scottish-Canadian resistance fighter & Great War veteran, friend of Arthur Warde
  • ^Nicole Prescott - Canadian widow living in British Columbia, near the border with the Yukon Territory (now the Yukon Military District)
  • ^Arthur Francis Warde - Canadian resistance fighter operating with a group of Russian Partisans, including the American deserter Neil Jacobs
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