"Those OCI men. No emotion. Blank expressions. I don't think they feel anything, anything at all. They're like machines..." - anonymous Directorate Navy serviceman

The Directorate Office of Central Intelligence [Officium Centratum Intelligentiae / OCI] is the euphamistically-named umbrella organization for the Directorate's domestic and foreign intelligence services as well as its national police forces, both paramilitary and secret. Through the OCI [pronounced O-SEE], the Directorate maintains an effective, authoritarian grip on its millions of worlds and conducts espionage, intelligence-gathering and infiltration operations on its enemies. The OCI shares many parallels with the real world American CIA, as well as the more sinister Nazi SS and Gestapo.


Department of State Security [S.S. or "StateSec"] - uniformed government police forces responsible for the overt policing of Directorate member worlds in addition to local government police forces. Effectively controls all law enforcement forces within Directorate space.

Department of Mental Hygene and Public Enlightenment [M.H.P.E.] - Effectively controls all media outlets within Directorate space. Responsible for propaganda, ideological conformity, and the persecution of "Thought Crime"

Department of Internal Affairs [I.A.] - Department responsible for keeping tabs on all Directorate government and military officials, rooting out corruption and illegal activities within the bureaucracy. Internal Affairs Tribunes are stationed aboard all Directorate warships and on the staffs of all military commanders to ensure the political reliability of the Officer Corps

Department of External Operations [E.O. or "Expo"] - Controls all intelligence-related operations outside Directorate space.

Department of Interior Intelligence [I.I. or "Ini"] - Governmental criminal investigative and domestic intelligence agency, secret police force. Often cooperates with the Department of State Security and Department of Mental Hygene

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