Dexedrine doj2

Long-acting dexedrine capsules ("spansules") in 5-, 10- & 15mg doses.

Dexedrine and Methedrine are trade names for comercially-produced and widely-distributed amphetamine tablets (dextroamphetamine & methamphetamine, respectively) in the United States, used by soldiers, factory workers, truck drivers and essentially any sector of society who might find a conceivable use for it.

Military UseEdit

The two amphetamine tablets are produced by the millions for the United States Military, where they are known as "go-pills" or "tanker's chocolate" (GP / TC).
Dexedrine 5 mg

5mg Dexedrine capsule

They are distributed in both short-acting tablets and long-acting, timed-release capsules (called "spansules").

In the short term, usage of these two substances allows increased periods of alertness, focus, energy, confidence and concentration. It also works to supress hunger, coldness, fatigue and depression. However, it causes severe "ups & downs" and side-effects during the dropping period include fatigue, aggression, depression, tremors, weight-loss, dizziness and confusion. To help combat this, the short-term tablets have generally been phased out in favor of longer-acting capsules, with the older tablets being used to supplement them on an irregular basis. The capsules have a delayed, time-released effect and so deliver their dosage over a greater span of time, helping to control adverse responses. U.S. soldiers are rotated on & off the front quite regularly, and thus they normally have time to regenerate from the usage of the pills.

Expiriments with methamphetamine-based stimulants were conducted beginning in the late 1930s. While their use by the German and French militaries became (and remains) extensive, the United States indulged in them to a far lesser extent. It wasn't until the creation of dextroamphetamine (dexedrine) years later that the U.S. found its amphetamine of choice, although both forms of the drug remain in very common usage.

Dextroamphetamine's effects are less pronounced and its side-effects less stark, without nearly as much of the agitation and aggressive tendancies that come with its other form. This makes it useful for pilots and servicemen in other such positions requiring endurance and stable mental faculties. For infantrymen and other such soldiers in the thick of the fighting, both forms of the drug are used and improve their performance significantly.

Civilian UseEdit

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