The "Bundesflagge" [Federal Flag], the National Flag of the Confederation of the Rhine

"Mit einem Worte: wir wollen niemand in den Schatten stellen, aber wir verlangen auch unseren Platz an der Sonne." (In a word, we want to put nobody in the shade, but we also demand our Place in the Sun) - Confederate Chancellor Bernhard von Bülow shortly before the outbreak of the Great War

The Confederation of the Rhine (Rheinbund) is a union of multiple semi-soveriegn countries which covers most of central Europe. The Confederation's constituent state are: the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Switzerland, Luxembourg & the Netherlands.

The Confederation is a major global power in its own right, but remains overshadowed on the international scene by the Commonwealth Realms. Prior to the Russian Revolutionary Wars, the Confederation competed industrially, economically and diplomatically with the United Kingdom. However, this changed following a Confederate defeat in the Great War and the subsequent 1941 invasion of Austria-Hungary by Communist forces from the Soviet Union. Since the end of that devestating World War, the Confederation has been a staunch ally of the Commonwealth countries, although feuds continue with its other traditional enemies, Italy and Byzantium.



Map of Europe with the Confederation in dark grey.

Capital: Wien [Vienna], Austria-Hungary, Confederation of the Rhine

Anthem: Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser (God Save Kaiser Franz)

Official Languages:

  • German, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech

Religion: Mostly Catholic & Lutheran [No Official State Religion]

Demonym: Confederate [rarely used, ethnic / national demonym preferred when referring to people]

Largest City: Wien [Vienna]

Government: Confederation of states with limited government power

Legislature: Bundestag [Federal Assembly]

  • Engeren Rat [Inner Council]
  • Plenum [Plenum / Plenary Session]

Population: ~200 million

GDP: ~10 trillion Bundesmark

HDI [Human Development Index]: 8.7

Currency: Bundesmark [called by different names in different languages] (ℳ)

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